August 05, 2008


What does 75,000 people all mashed into Chicago's Grant Park look like? This.

Nate and I hung out with Tim and Brandi and had a great time listening to the likes of The Kills {VV is Nate's current obsession and crush (sorry Amy Adams)}, Duffy, Cat Power, The Raconteurs, Radiohead, Wilco, Love and Rockets, Iron and Wine, Okkerville River, The Black Keys, Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against the Machine and NIN. Those last two will definitely secure me in anger management classes through the end of the year.
Highlights of the trip? Hanging out with Tim and Brandi, twighlight with Radiohead and Wilco and the Chicago skyline, nightly stops at Walgreens on Michigan Ave for drinks and snacks after the show, the architecture river/lake tour {Wendella tours}, how perfectly we slept in the hotel room {Marriott on Ontario, just off the Magnificent Mile}, Pandera Bread for breakfast every morning before the show, Nate reenacting Ferris Buhler at the top of Sears Tower, the tornado that tore through Illinois as our plane was preparing for take-off, our emergency "de-plane" and warnings to stay away from the windows in the airport. I guess 80 mph wind can be hazardous.
Here are some photos of the weekend.


CaraDee said...

Oh my gosh I want that pizza!!!

dayna said...

oh you look great! thanks for the photos of you both!

Tim said...

Yay! We had a fantastic time with you guys. Even if we only got to spend 2 of the 3 days together. You two always make us feel so cool. That was crazy about the storm that blew in. I must have flown out just in time. Brandi and Paisley decided to stay a few more days so hopefully they're able to get out okay on Friday.


The Meesh said...

Love love lots of love Chicago. Its my favorite big city in this country. Rome is my favorite international one. They should be sister cities in their awesomeness.

Kimberly Wright said...

Uhm, you are so beautiful! You and Nate are too darn dreamy. Miss you, can we hang out soon??