September 23, 2008


I love everything about the tour of Anya Hindmarch's home in the latest Domino. First, she's adorable and has a really cute family of five, she let's her kids carve messages in the kitchen table for posterity and she's got great artwork that includes a few images of the Queen that are delightful {DFace and Chris Levine's "Lightness of Being" prints}. Oh, and she has the dream job of designing shoes and handbags.


Anonymous said...

Chris Levine's 'Lightness of Being' "WOW' Awesome image of the old regal girl. She looks so serene. It was on cover of Walrus magazine too in Canada. Its a modern icon.

Anonymous said...

LIghtness of Being by Levine, better known for his magic with light - I've been seeing this image all over the place - legend has it that Mario Testino said its the most beautiful image of Queen Elizabeth created to date. I have to agree. But even more sensational was my privelidge to see the Wren designed Cathedral in Greenwich lit entirely by laser for the phenomenal ARK charity earlier this year by this 'light artist'. It was breathtaking. A truly spiritual experience. I have searched for video of this on the net and feel sure it will be coming. It was possibly the most beautiful piece art I have ever seen i n my 60 years of life. Chris we want more wherever you are, you are some kind of modern genius and this image of the queen validates that.