September 07, 2008


Nate and I celebrated our third anniversary in Canada; a result of Nate having to be in Calgary on our anniversary. I finished up my work in Chicago and jumped a plane to Calgary and met Nate on a beautiful, sunny, comfortably brisk afternoon. We both managed to work in the hotel room; answering email and joining conference calls from opposite corners of the smallish room.

The next morning I had a few more calls for work, answered email, and then ran to the nearest spa for a quick facial. The worst I've ever had. The woman barely spent any time actually touching my face but rather left me under the steamer and relaxing with a mask on my face for 45 of the 60 minute experience. The times she did touch my face were equally disturbing while she massaged my face much like she was kneading bread dough. I spent the next few days recovering by treating my skin to enough sleep and the fresh clean air of the Rockies in Banff.

Nate and I spent four days in Banff and in those four days I, again, ran through the possibility of selling all my belongings {even the blue cottage} and moving there. I long for a time when I can live a more relaxed life. I don't mind being busy...but it would be nice to have my mind relaxed and at peace the way it was in Banff; wandering Banff Avenue, hiking Lake Louise's Six Glaciers, canoing the lake, walking through the snow after an unanticipated storm, breathing in air thick with pine and earth. Here are a bunch of pics from the trip.

Nate in a cafe in Calgary

Hanging out along the Bow River in Calgary

Beautiful Bow River

Bridge over the Bow River

Lake Louise

Lake Louise from a canoe

Amazing cerulean blue Lake Louise

Canoing Lake Louise: it ain't cheap but it's worth it

Best guy in the world

Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise

Nate being attacked by a squirrel

Hiking to Plain of Six Glaciers

View of Lake Louise from the trail

Teahouse at Plain of Six Glaciers

Getting ready to do the last 1.5 mile to the glaciers

Air is thin; legs are burning

Nate hiking the last few hundred feet

One of six glaciers

Another look at Lake Louise from above


Storm from the Fairmont balcony in Banff

Nate overlooking Banff from Norquay ski resort

Elk at Norquay

Gondola ride in Banff

View from atop Sulphur Mountain

Filipino family we met at the top

Canadian footwear recommendations


cropstar said...

Wow! Banff is gorgeous! Thanks for posting those photos. That will definitely be added to my "places to visit very soon" list!

Happy Anniversary :)

CaraDee said...

Great photos. That truly is such a beautiful place. I'll have to take Brandon. I especially love the brazen wildlife.

Courtney said...

Holy smokes this is one beautiful place! These pictures are unreal and that water looks fake!!! Happy Anniversary -- looks like you celebrated in style.

The Meesh said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Looks like Banff was the better for you being there!

Jenna Holm said...

How absolutely delightful! Your busy lives definitely pay off... what a great anniversary!

Andy said...

This looks amazing! Jared & I watched an entire documentary on Banff and decided we needed to go sometime. It's still on our vacation wish list. Looks like you guys had a great time.
We are getting home soon, so we need to start planning a get together.

Ruth said...

Holy Moly.

Grandma B said...


So happy you had such a wonderful time together. Baniff looks like somewhere close to Heaven.


tim and brandi said...

I LOVE every single one of those photos! I've never been to Canada, let alone Banff - you have successfully convinced me that we MUST go. You and Nate look adorable, and I especially like the picture where your hair is attacking Nate. Funny.

Happy Anniversary!