September 14, 2008


My husband is always in the know with cool technology and applications. He discovered Pandora Radio and has been touting it ever since. Imagine this: you are in a Radionhead mood, but you don't necessarily want to listen to just Radiohead nor do you want to take the time to create a playlist.

It's time for Pandora Radio. Just type in the name of your favorite band and it does the rest. A beautiful and ecclectic "if you like this then you'll also like this" collage. Might I suggest trying "Love and Rockets." It's brings up some unexpected but perfectly brilliant like-songs.

For an extra bit of zing you can download this app onto your iPod touch and play Pandora Radio via wifi from there. With all the music taken care of, all you have to worry about is, say, pulling on your yellow rubber cleaning gloves and getting that last bit of deep cleaning done before winter sets in.

*photo via getty images


Jamie said...

I love Pandora Radio!

sherrin said...

Andrew directed me to Pandora. I listen while I work on the computer.

Love, Mom