November 08, 2008


Do you ever play that game? The one where you imagine what life would be like if money flowed freely from your bathtub faucet? In my kitchen, this limitless resource would have bought me a complete set of Allclad cookware.
And, while I could budget for these beautiful pans and saute with them for years, I decided to try this set from Costco for $199. Costco has a great return policy so if I don't like them I'll take them back. They are nice and heavy, and the reviews are great!

"Constructed of stainless steel, the copper-bonded 5-ply base is manufactured to allow even and efficient transfer of heat while eliminating hot spots. Each pan is manufactured with a 5-ply base that has two layers of stainless steel, two layers of aluminum, and a copper core. The substantial impact-bonded base enables the pan to reach and maintain the desired cooking temperature quickly and evenly."

UPDATE: These pans absolutely suck. They cook great and are pretty. But trying to clean them is impossible. The fry pans already look like I've had them for years. I'll be returning them to Costco and getting a nice Calphalon set that is non-stick on the inside and stainless steel on the outside. The best of both worlds.

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