November 04, 2008


Listening to Obama's acceptance speech. Thinking about all the things I have done or have yet to do. Suppose I should adopt his mantra and just keep to the "yes I can" policy.

Yes I can:
1. wake up in the morning feeling better
2. lose another 10 pounds
3. make a difference at work
4. make a difference in the world
5. have a child
6. get my house to the "done" stage
7. convince Nate to get me a kitten
8. learn to minimize my anxiety
9. write and publish a book
10. be a great leader wherever I go


Whit said...

You can totally do all those things! You're awesome.

Andy said...

I'm exhausted and slightly depressed after reading this list.

Julie said...

Yes, you can do all of those things. But I'd love to see you add "Realize what an amazingly beautiful and accomplished I already am" to the list. You push yourself so hard, I worry!

kym said...

Forget the kitten. Yes you can have a baby. C'mon Tonia! (It's only because I want everyone in the same boat as me these days. 8 mos pregnant is not a lovely look on me.) PS. You're pretty amazing in spite of this list.

Tonia Conger said...

If it makes anyone feel any better. I stayed home from work for the third day in a row with some nasty flu. Tomorrow I'm booked for 5 hours of straight meetings and a video shoot of which I'm a principle character. A character that isn't supposed to sniffle or cough.
Wish me luck!

Tonia Conger said...

Oh, and I need a kitten for anxiety-control purposes. I think there is something therapeutic about petting a kitten.

Grandma B said...

Grandpa and I will loan you "George" whenever you want. He really is a good friend...and yes, he does calm the frantic waters.

You would look cute in whatever you wear Tonia.

Obama's acceptance speech was good, wasn't it...kind of made us feel like there is hope.....LOL