January 17, 2009


I'll be spending a bit of time in Park City this weekend. Nate and I saw the premier of "It Might Get Loud" a documentary about the electric guitar. It featured Jack White (of The Raconteurs and White Stripes), Jimmy Page (of Zeppelin), and The Edge (of U2). Jack White was in the audience and sitting right across the isle from us. So I snapped a shot.

After the movie Nate and I headed up to the Eco Lodge where we are sponsoring a craft space with Mark Montano {thanks for the cuff Mark}. He did some cool stuff with sharpies and plain white sneakers. He was also screenprinting t-shirts and totes using the Yudu {click the smaller pic of Russell's face to watch a video} and embellishing all sorts of stuff using Cricut. Mark does something he calls "upcycle" which is essentially taking things you already have and making them cool again. Talented guy; without a doubt! If you want DIY ideas, check out his book The Big Ass Book of Craft. We snapped a shot with him. I clearly didn't know which camera to focus on.

Nate and I will be watching Lymlife today in SLC and then we'll head up to Park City again to spend some time with Mark and gang. We'll probably be doing some really great stuff together at CHA next week in LA.


Anonymous said...

Is that person sitting on Jack's left (my right) a man or a woman? I recognize everyone else he's sitting with, but I'm curious to know who that is.

Tonia Conger said...

I think it's a man. With facial hair. They weren't as grumpy as they seemed to be in the photo. Jack even seemed a little shy when he was up front.

Jenna said...

You live a glorious life! I'm glad you're finding some joy from your job... enjoy the rest of your Sundance experience! My one and only included the world premiere of Napoleon Dynamite- awesomeness to the max (don't you just love knowing what's "cool" before anyone else?) Cheers!