January 06, 2009


My friend Julie {thanks Jules!} tipped me off on Toms Shoes. You've probably heard of them and know what they are doing. I remember looking into them a few years ago when their selection was much smaller. I'm glad Julie reminded me of their tremendous and generous idea.
When I was in Africa about six years ago I saw so many small little feet wearing men's size 10 flip flops. It was good they had shoes at all but they sure didn't fit properly. They would run like champs and play football {soccer} with them but I don't know quite how they managed it.
Luckily Toms is generously donating one pair to a child in need for every pair you buy. Read their story here. I wish I was doing something this meaningful!
Would love to know if you end up buying a pair.


CaraDee said...

I think it was one of those wierd things in life. If the ultrasound said anything, i'm sure they would have told us.

magpiesandmagnolias said...

Ooooh I have three pairs! They are so great! Once you were them a few times, they feel like second skin! What color did you get?