April 21, 2009


Subtitle: Happy Day Rockstar

It's Nate's birthday today. He's 33. This morning I wanted to slow down just a bit and spend some time with him; I will be late for work for anyone who is looking for me.
Last night I made dark chocolate cupcakes and added semi-sweet chocolate chunks for extra rich chocolatey flavor. Topped off with vanilla icing, I think the cakes-on-the-go will be perfect for our hectic lifestyle. After Nate went to bed I hung up the birthday garland that Dayna made for me, wrapped his presents, and tidied up the living room. {sorry, my camera is still broken so you'll have to use your imagination}
This morning Nate opened his presents. BBQ accessories from his family, and a music-themed birthday from me. He got tickets to see Franz Ferdinand tonight at The Great Saltair {one of his favorite live shows}, a double guitar stand to accommodate his acoustic and electric guitars, a custom designed, earth friendly guitar strap {looks like this} from Souldier Straps {check out her Etsy store} for his new Fender Jaguar, music magazines for pleasure reading, and a London Moleskin journal for our trip there in July to see Blur. I also found a nearby guitar shop that gives reasonably priced guitar lessons so it's just a matter of finding an open slot in his busy calendar.
Happy birthday to the music-lovin' birthday dood. Baby, you ROCK!


dayna said...

yipe and happy day to nate! love him lots. ah miss you both so so beaucoup.

Paul Ferney said...

Sweet. Happy birthday Nate!

sherrin said...

We hope Nate had a Happy Day! We appreciated spending time last weekend to celebrate...