April 14, 2009


Dear Bo, the new "First Dog".
How is it possible that you get a Breaking News banner on CNN? Are you more important than people losing jobs or the weather report? How is it that Anderson Cooper spent valuable time from his life covering the story of you and the Obama's making friends and running together on the white house lawn. Just asking.

Your pal,

p.s. Yes You Can!!!


MrsEm said...

America loves it some dogs...As an aside I think "Bo" secretly stands for Obama's initials instead of Mr. Diddley.

CaraDee said...

Since I now have nothing better to do than watch TV, I caught that piece of news-worthiness last night as well. And I had the same thoughts. Who the hell cares about the President's dog??? HONESTLY. More proof that the news is catering to old people.
"Look Jim, aw, just look at'em. Did you see this dear?? The Obamas just got a new dog and he's just ever so darling!! Did you hear he's hypoallergenic? Cause that one daughter has allergies. Jim! Jim! Can you hear me??"

Rebecca said...

I have to agree, tho' I haven't seen the news piece because our cable is turned off, due to Reduction in Force.... :)