April 12, 2009


Subtitle: It's a good thing we aren't parents.

It's Easter. I've known Easter was coming for weeks now; it's hard to overlook a holiday ushered in by lots of chocolate candy lining the shelves at the grocery store. Nate and I had just waved our friends goodbye this morning and had just hunkered down on the couch to relax for a bit when I remembered, "IT'S EASTER". Luckily I had purchased a few measly things to put in a basket for Nate and he had managed to do the same for me.
With the realization that Easter was upon us, we turned our back to one another, assembled the baskets, and then turned in surprise. Later at church, I realized that I hadn't purchased anything special to make for Easter Sunday dinner. At home, Nate dug into some leftovers and I nibbled on chips and salsa.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, It's a good thing we aren't parents.

p.s. Our camera broke. Just one day it decided it was done performing and broke right there in my hands. So until we replace it with a new one, you'll have to enjoy stuff I find in google images.


CaraDee said...

That's okay, I told Brandon last week that he was going to have to do Easter for the boys. Guess who he called? His Mom. Beautiful not-over-the-top baskets of goodies were handed over!

tim and brandi said...

The good thing about having kids is that they aren't born expecting anything. So really, you get a couple of "practice" years with them for holidays.