June 09, 2009


Since it has nearly been a month since I last posted {my longest stint sans blogging yet}, I'm going to take my time catching everyone up on what I've been doing the last several weeks. In a word, TRAVELING {NYC, San Diego, San Francisco}.
As my last post suggests, I was in Brooklyn at Craftacular for the weekend in May. Craftacular is a pretty groovy craft bazaar that takes place each year in Brooklyn. We were there demonstrating our new product and getting acquainted with several of the indie artists that travel country-wide to show their creations. It was a lot of work but really fun. And a reminder that I should always travel with at least one girl for shopping companionship.
I bought cool golden earrings in the shape of large flies and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. When I get a decent camera I will take a snapshot and post. They are just that cute!
Here are a few snaps of Craftacular in Brooklyn. I'm told the line to get in wrapped around the block. It was fun to be surrounded by such creative minds! And yes, the lighting was extremely poor in the building. I swear it gave me a migraine.

I also spent an afternoon at the Stationary Show which was like walking around in a candy store. I, again, met a lot of really cool artists, many of whom I plan to do some work with this year. I heart NYC.


CaraDee said...

Yes, please post pics of these earrings. They sound creepy. ;)

Amara said...

I love odd pieces like that. They remind me of my glittery eyed snake buckled belt. Travel sounds like fun!

Amie said...

I miss having you as a shopping companion on trips, and at home for that matter.You always inspire me to by cool items. I'm a boring shopper without you. That's the problem with new jobs. There may be more money, but no time to spend it. I'm glad you fit in time for rad earrings, can't wait to see you in them.