September 21, 2009


Long ago I started a little series with a nod at Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I got as far as H. I"m going to pick up where I left off. With "I".

I: vowel {pronounced "eye"}

Impossible: Most things I've ever accomplished started out being categorized as "impossible".

Insomnia: I'm having a relationship with my insomnia. Things are rocky to say the least. My relationship with sleeping medications like Ambien and Trazadone, however, is definitely showing more potential.

Introduce: Things I want to introduce into my regular routine 1. yoga 2. healthy meals {3 of them plus snacks} 3. peace 4. just enough sleep 5. running 6. blogging  7. something new 8. reading 9. patience 10. meditation.

I love you: Words to live by.

1 comment:

Whit said...

I would love to introduce those things into my life too. Living on mac'n cheese isn't that great.