September 01, 2009


I used to blog regularly? I used to be interesting? I was a good friend and called you once in a while? I thought exercise was more than hypothetical? I watered my plants?

If this blog were a singer it would be called Dusty Springfield and this would be my album cover.

I've been busy. This summer I've traveled to a bazillion different Marriott properties in cities I barely breathed in. I'm not proud of my absence. In fact, it haunts me in those hours when I should be sleeping but when my mind thinks about product launches and what a brilliant marketing professional might do in my shoes.

This post reminds me of my girlhood journals. I'd start strong; keeping my readers {all the older versions of myself that would read it someday} updated on every mundane detail of my 10-year old life. And then, around page four, I'd start to slack. Gaps would form and I'd have months of invisible days that basically never happened because I'll never remember them again.

One of those unrecorded days might have recounted the first goal I scored in co-ed soccer or how I thought my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Dunkley, was "a fox". I might have had entries about my first date, my first kiss, my first job, my first anything; but they are all lost in the empty pages between July 12, 1983!

When Clementine came to be one night in August 2006, I had lots to say. I was anxious to recount anything that drew a pause or a second thought or a sigh. I was consistent and have a great log of almost three years of my life with photos and links and a few comments. But now it has all these gaps; gaps where forgotten stories belong.

I'm going to avoid all the details that make most memories charming and just go for the basic facts. Once I catch myself up to Sept 2, 2009, I'll tell you what color my toenails are and how I love this new t-shirt I got from jcrew.

Summer Trips: NYC {2x}, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, Denver {4x}, Seattle, Minneapolis, Pheonix, Chicago, Iowa...I'm forgetting places. That doesn't seem like enough.

Big Events: Family reunion at my house, my 38th birthday, I got platinum status on Delta, celebrated my 4th anniversary, Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication

Concerts: Wilco, The Dead Weather, Depeche Mode, Lollapalooza

Adoptions: Nate and I rescued a 2-month old kitten we named Agnes. I'm fairly certain she already has abandonment issues.

Workouts: Three (3o minutes in Orlando, 30 minutes in Denver, 30 minutes in San Diego

I miss Clementine. I miss the occasional comments. I miss the ability to use the search capabilities of blogger to remember what it was like to be 36.

And now, because I promised you I'd include these details, my toes are a pearly nude color, and I love this t-shirt from jcrew.


EHReditor said...
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MrsEm said...

Shoot! I meant to post that with my non-work ID.

And now I've deleted my notes by accident. Oh well, all this to say: I'm glad you're back!

Jamie said...

Welcome back! Your long absence proves that you have a life with no time to tell us about it.
I too love that shirt from JCrew in fact I wore mine yesterday.

Grandma B said...

Happy to see you are posting again Tonia. It's been a long, dry spell, to say the least.

My goodness you have been busy...and talk about a "world traveler" sans the world...

We are hanging in there...just finished having siding put on the hours, and it looks nice. At least Grandpa doesn't have to paint anymore !!! Or Me !!!


sherrin said...

Oh Tonia!! I'll bet it's hard to catch your breath and even enjoy a rare moment of contemplation because you automatically move to the next thing. Hang in there, we love you!!

dayna said...

i love you tonia! you are wonderfully real and beautiful.

tim and brandi said...

I don't even read blogs anymore. But I'll always read yours.


julia said...

For what it's worth I liked your blog. I dont' evne know what blog is. I was googling to see how much much yardage it would take to recover a Danish chair, and here I am, a robbery story and 6-7 entires later. Still no info on the chairs though, sadly. Sigh. But this is kinda cool, may be I'll make my own.