September 07, 2010


Life has kept me from blogging and reading a lot of blogs and oh how i miss my little corner of the world. This blog has been a great way for me to remember years gone by and now a huge gap has occured in 2009 and 2010. It's like those days, weeks, and months never actually happened. How sad.

Today is beautiful. The sky is brilliant blue and the air is warm but it has a hint of autumn; like pot roast with a hint of bay leaf or water with a hint of cucumber, it's subtle but you just want a little more. Yesterday Nate and I had a late lunch at Porcupine Grill and sat on the patio. It was chilly but the sun was warming up my face and my arm and I said to Nate, "Ah, that's it! That's the feeling I've been missing this summer." Besides a few days spent doing yard work, I haven't really had that feeling of fresh air and warm sun. Unless you count driving in the car. And I don't count that.

Anyway, today I dream of being in the mountains. Especially the mountains you can see from my office window. I bet if I drove up there right now I'd smell pine, fallen leaves, and camp fire. Can you smell that? I can!


Whit said...

I love where we live now because in the morning the canyon wind smells like pine trees.

maybe said...

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