May 20, 2013


First I have to explain that before I had Clementine I HATED animated movies. I couldn't stand how predictable they were, how animals talked, how so many of them were about princesses. And the singing...oh, the singing killed me. Get on with it, tell a story without singing so many songs for heaven's sake.

Then I had Clementine and while I still don't love the genre I put up with it. I put up with it every. single. day. Especially lately because I've become so pregnant and tired and impossibly sick. So queue up the movies and let's have a party.

Clementine first became interested in Finding Nemo. We found Nemo every morning. The first time I watched it with Clem was fun because she loved it. Then the next 30 times came and went and I was very capable of reciting the movie word for word. And the next 30 have really just become an exercise in ignoring what is happening. But unable to completely block out that little clown fish I've learned many lessons. Here are a few.

First, does anyone else really hate Marlin? I mean, he is such a complaining, whining, fish that never takes ownership of anything. I admire his tenacity in finding Nemo but good grief, he is a complete pain in the ass.

1. Don't doubt your children. Even if you don't believe in your heart that they are capable of doing something, never ever let it show. Everyone deserves to have a super fan in their life; someone who believes in them 110%. Be that person. Be the person that encourages them and not the one that teaches them to doubt themselves and fear failure.

2. Love makes us brave. When you have someone to love and someone that loves are a more brave, strong and determined individual. I know this from experience. When you find people that make you brave, let them know how much it means to you and never let them go.

3. Fear makes us unproductive and miserable. As much as you can, trust the world and people in it. There is so much more good than bad and you can accomplish a lot more when you don't focus so much on your fears. If you trust yourself it is much easier to trust others.

4. You can find great friends in unexpected places. Be open to recognizing personal connections. Consider them gifts and grab hold. I love it when my path crosses with someone and I know in an instant that we have the makings of a beautiful friendship. Some people are just good solid friends and you love and cherish them. Others literally come into your life and fill a spot that must have been saved just for them. These are the friends that are really family in disguise.

5. Doing things that scare you almost always pay off in the end. So challenge yourself and get a little scared. Just see what you learn and how much more amazing you become as a result.

That's about as much deep thought as I want to devote to Nemo. Besides, we've moved on to new content like Fabulous Mr. Fox and Tangled. And teaching these lessons to Clem is gonna be a challenge because as I was typing this out I realized just how cheesy and self-improvementy these things sound. If I try to say half this stuff to Clem when she is old enough to understand it...she'll blow me off as the lamest person around.



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