January 07, 2007


There is a scene near the end of Blood Diamond {starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the gloriously bald and white toothed Djimon Hounsou} where Solomon {Hounsou} is looking in the window of a London jeweler at a necklace dripping with diamonds. Because of everything that has happened in the movie you get this sense of it being a fantastic burden and a very inappropriate, lavish bit of shame. Rather than it standing for beauty it is a symbol of so much conflict.

I don't know if I'll ever look at this gem the same way. I know that there are many conflict-free diamonds currently in the market but I had to ask myself, "are they even pretty enough to risk it?" And the answer was an astounding, "no". I'm very glad my gorgeous wedding ring is full of some of the tiniest stones that were most likely scraps. I think it's the only bit of diamond jewelry I'll ever own. I'm thinking lapis and rubies are more my style; of course I'll always find rose gold to be just enough all by itself.
Clemantine gives it 4.5 stars {DiCaprio's aussi accent stumbled at times}.

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