January 14, 2007


Nate and I will have a sizeable breakfast nook when we move in. I imagine it will be where we eat most of our meals as a couple. When we have dinner guests we'll fill in the dining table in the formal dining room but I'd like to keep it intimate when it's just the two of us. Ikea has a small table that I think would work perfectly. It's just $250 so it's a perfect secondary table. I keep thinking I'd rather it be black which is easily done with this alternative at Target.com {just $279}, but I'm just not sure. Any votes? The room is a celery color with white baseboards and trim around the windows. Our floors are dark walnut.

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Marissa said...

Since your cabinets are white, baseboards are white, I would vote for the white table. Unless you are planning on having black elsewhere in the room (lots of black framed pictures, for example). Your home will be beautiful!