January 14, 2007


Nate and I just watched the first two hours of 24 season six and we weren't disappointed. One thing is for certain, I wish I had the intuition of Jack Bauer. That man is never wrong. He's sporting some nasty looking chemical burn scar on his hand and deep whipping boy scars on his back, but aside from the visual suffering he's experienced in the Chinese prison camp, he's back and ready to take on the next terrorist threat. I wish Jack was real.
At one point he breaks into a house with a terrorist-turned-good and needs to change out of some blood soaked clothes. I imagined myself in this situation and going into the bathroom only to find that the jeans don't fit. This wasn't a risk for Jack since he's been starving in the prison camp but it would be a HUGE concern for me. I'd hold up the entire operation or I'd end up wearing a skirt; running around L.A. carrying a gun and chasing bad guys in a skirt because it's all that would fit. This is one way in which art doesn't imitate life. At least not mine. Hooray for 24 and double hooray for Jack! Tow more hours tomorrow.

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