January 15, 2007


Things I did like about the Golden Globes {what I was able to catch after watching two-hours of 24 Season 6}.
1. Reese Witherspoon looked fabulous. Loved her hair, her dress and her svelt figure.
2. Sienna Miller. She always pushes the limits and her hair looks quite bohemian and cute.
3. Hillary Swank's figure couldn't be more paper doll 50s.
4. Helen Mirren. Um, she is stunning. Beautiful in everyway {even her cleavage}.
5. Drew Barrymore. I think she is darling and so down to earth.
6. Jennifer Garner a.k.a. Sydney Bristow. I stopped Alias long ago but there is not denying she looks great.

Things I hated at the Globes tonight.
1. Sacha Baron Cohen won for best actor in a comedy. What he should have won was best crude humor that shocks everyone so much they think you have talent. C'mon.
2. Vanessa Williams' hair is NASTY and very appropriate for a Solid Gold Dancer.
3. Jennifer Love Hewitt's dress is someone's worst mistake ever.
4. Jitt Polie. I think they are a pretty couple...pretty pathetic. Well, I should say that he is pathetic. She remains genuine in my eyes. He's a total loser. Clothes look nice; couple IS lame.

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