February 27, 2007


It's snowy and cold tonight. I was walking to my car, slipped on some black ice and landed hard and old lady-like on my right elbow. I might have even grunted a little when I landed. As I type I'm wincing while the pain spreads through the right side of my body {and let's be honest, when you fall, you wake up with whiplash}. I'd love to leave a kind message on my manager's voice mail that says something to the effect of, "I need the day to recover from a bad fall. And I'm not pressing charges because I did so on work property". But I won't.
What I will do is show you this darling "porch swing blouse" from Anthropologie. Imagine it, 8pm on a summer evening, a distant lawn mower growls, cool breeze blows in off the lake, and I'm sitting on my porch swing with bronze skin and this voile tunic.

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CaraDee said...

I tried that on the other day at the Gateway....not so cute on. Kind of poufy. Looked great from the hanger!