March 08, 2007


Nate and I took a trip to JCPenney to get a ballpark price for the different kinds of window coverings out there. After seeing some of the totals I really just want to hang sheets over the windows and call it art! For ONE window to be covered with a bamboo roman shade it will cost nearly $800. Keep in mind we have 28! windows in our house.
Clearly this topic merits much, much, much more discussion. In the end, I'm sure whatever we can afford will look better hanging in the window then my naked body. The construction workers show up earlier and earlier these days!
Why can't we all just agree NOT to peek in each other's windows?


tiffany said...

We had several bids for the windows in our new place. Dun-Rite blinds came in at the cheapest and I've been happy with the product for three years. It might be worth a call.

jordan said...

I don't know how picky you are but I've seen versions of those blinds at Kmart and Ikea.

Tonia Conger said...

I should do some serious shopping around and not allow my daily streaking episodes make me jump too soon.
I'll go check out those places. We actually have Dun-Rite blinds coming out on Saturday to do some measuring. And I'll check out Ikea and Kmart too. I mean, I like things to look good, but I'm always willing to get "looking good" for a bargain price! Thank you!