March 08, 2007


It's my Mom's birthday today. Anything good about me came from my parents, and I happen to have a lot in common with my mom. Nate says, "we are cut from the same cloth"; I think that is a very sweet compliment.
My mom is my role model. She spent 17 years working full time and getting her BA degree {she's graduating this Spring!! Big celebration to come}. From her I learned how important education is and, more importantly, how important family and friends are. My mom is a fabulous communicator; she's really, really funny; sweet, thoughtful, and insightful; a great shopper; a wonderful travel companion {remember our San Francisco weekend mom?}; a stunningly beautiful woman; and the best mother, wife, daughter, sister and grandma {a.k.a. Nan}. I love you mom! To the moon and back!

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Jennifer Leal said...

Where did you get this amazind photo/idea for the cake?