March 09, 2007


Lastnight I was discussing with Kym and Stacey how I'm getting more and more grey. I likened myself to Lily Munster and Kym or Stacey {I don't remember who said it but whoever it was is a beotch!} told me I was less like Lily Munster and more like Bonnie Raitt. Then they proceeded to sing a snippet from "Let's give 'em somthin' to talk about".
I told them both I was outing their cruelty on my blog so here it is. The funny thing is, I laughed about it and I'm not sure but I think I might love them more as a result.


kym said...

Let me clarify. I didn't say you "looked" like Bonnie Raitt. I said that your hair "could" potentially go that direction if not managed properly.
So, why haven't you mentioned your little Sally's Beauty Supply magic wand? Tonia, I am like your mother, I always think you are beautiful. Streak, or not streak.

tiffany said...

I say go with it. You know that darling Stacie on What Not To Wear? She's got a fabulous gray streak!