March 08, 2007


Some might think that 35 is far too young to be going grey. I am one of those people. But regardless of my fervent belief, it's happening to me. I pulled my first grey at 25. I remember the day distinctly. I was living and working in Chicago and my friend and cube-partner Curtis pointed it out to me. I was both devistated and somewhat excited, I have to admit. Because I tend to look much younger then I am, at 25 I was just grateful to look post-pubescent.
Well, here I am a decade later, greying and well, not loving it. Because it's too expensive to get my long hair colored more often then every six weeks, I have to find a solution for in between appointments. I tend to grey right at my temple {the right one}.
So, until I decide to embrace the grey and allow my Lily Munster streak to grow in strong {it's even on the same side as mine}, I'm trying out Tween Time {recommended by my stylist, Destiny}. I'm going to get it tonight and perhaps I can put it to use before girl's night. I'll give you my product review soon enough!

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