March 26, 2007


We've been, well, I've been trying to figure out the perfect DIY finish for our old dresser. Something to make it look nice and special for the new room. I originally thought I'd stain it a dark walnut color but the wood didn't take the stain the way I thought it would. The dark parts of the grain went VERY dark and the light parts of the grain went golden. It looks like a tiger. I like tigers, but I don't want one sitting in my bedroom with my clothes in its fat belly.

I then decided to paint it black - but now, for real, I'm choosing a paint color similar to our bed and I'm painting it to match. I think this will help the bedroom look less like a college bedroom and more like one that hosts two thirty-somethings. We'll get a bit more eclectic with side tables, a mirror and a settee/chair. My goal is to get the dresser painted and add the hardware before Nate comes back from Texas.

Here is what our bed looks like. I mentioned it at length here. We bought a fabulous Serta mattress and have been sleeping comfortably on it for a week. It's like a giant cloud.

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ali said...

I wish my mattress was a) Serta, and b) like a giant cloud.

I don't thinking painting the bed is a bad idea, either. Though I like tigers too as long as they're in a cage.