March 28, 2007


Subtitled: I'm a terrible friend!

Kari celebrated her birthday yesterday and I failed to acknowledge it in true blogging fashion. Please, Kari, know that it wasn't as a result of me loving you any less but more a result of trying to dig myself out of the quagmire of doing "crap work" {according to my boss}.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people on the planet. I developed a girl-crush on Kari within days of meeting her and it's never waned. It's true love, you see.

Things I love about Kari {the short list}:
  • No one can hold a candle to Kari's shopping talents
  • She can wear stuff from kids Gap {not sure if this is something I love or something I covet}
  • She has a darling little girl named Ellie who looks like a pixie and is the poster miracle baby
  • She is truly in love with her husband; you can tell how much just by looking at her face when she sees him
  • Kari has the warmest most genuine personality and is kind to everyone
  • I like myself more when I'm around her
  • Her strength and determination are one of her greatest allures
  • She is BEAUTIFUL
  • Kari is honest. She will tell you that your hair is funky or the jeans you bought don't look super hot on you. This will always make her someone who's opinion I trust {she liked Nate immediately...see, she's spot on}
  • She drove 4-hours round trip to be at my wedding
  • She glows

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Anonymous said...

kari is amazing and a wonderful woman. she'll be greatly missed now that she is gone, but she most defintely won't be forgotten:(