April 26, 2007


Last year I was taking birth control and it made me a crazy person. I really thought my manic behaviors had caught up to me and I was officially losing my mind. As it turns out, it was just the birth control wreaking havoc on my hormones.
I paid a visit to a wellness center in Salt Lake City called "Web of Life" and met with a great Doctor who advised me to stop taking birth control. I did, and I found my mind; it wasn't lost after all but merely confused with all the contrary hormonal signals.
This wise Doctor also introduced me to the 75% rule which may directly conflict with what most of you have been taught. The 75% rule explains that before you do anything {work on a project or go to the gym for example} you decide what 100% would be and only do 75%. Of course this is really only a healthy way to approach life if you are suffering from mental or physical disturbance. If you are on top of the world then you better be giving 150%!
Hooray for the 75% rule! I keep it on my bulletin board at work to remind me to breath and take it easy.


ali said...

I love this. I want a 75 percent prescription of my own.

I have a hard time finding middle ground--it's either 50 percent or 150 from me.

Tonia Conger said...

I'm way into mediocrity, Ali! It's one of my strengths!

Janet said...

As a psychologist by profession, I think this is a great standard to live by for your mental well being! Janet