April 26, 2007


My parents are great. Both as separate individuals and as a united front. I've said before that my dad is a cowboy and my mom is the woman he was born to love. Though my dad may not always enjoy the unknown {read: driving a rental car to Chicago to visit me}, I think my mom thrives on it so a nice cruise to Alaska would be a great vacation for both of them. I'm quite certain it would be much more difficult for my dad to find his sea legs then his bow-legs, but I know he'd love being in a place more remote and reminiscent of home as he knew it.
Travelzoo has a nice and affordable half-price, seven-night cruise for the nature enthusiast and the woman he was born to love. See more details here.

p.s. please take me with you. I want to see the ice burgs before they melt the way Al Gore says they will.

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