April 30, 2007


Yesterday after church Nate and I went over to the lake. He fished and I read a magazine and enjoyed the nice weather. After only 10 minutes of fishing Nate caught his first fish on Oquirrh Lake; measuring in at almost 6", he couldn't have been happier!

I tried a few casts and didn't see any action {although I almost hooked Nate chillin' on the bank}. With no nibbles, I gave the pole back to Nate so I could go back to reading the chilling interview with Dina Lohan in Harper's Bazaar {she sounds like an idiot}.

Nate and I couldn't believe the crazy diving birds out at the lake; it was so much fun to see them do their thing. Another ten minutes and I was deep into a much better article about Reese Witherspoon {she does not sound like an idiot} when Nate yells, "Tonia I think I caught a bird". I assumed he was lying because who catches birds, right? But sure enough, as he reeled in his line the bird floated closer and closer. I think we both panicked a little wondering what we were going to do when the bird was at shore. On the bank we could see that, luckily, Nate hadn't hooked him; the bird was only tangled in the line. Oh, and the bird was not happy so it kept trying to peck us with its razor sharp beak when we got close to it. Don't worry about the bird, we were able to cut the line in a few different places and it flew off without a hitch.

Nate did about a dozen more casts and we called it a day. We were unexpectedly sunburned and hungry. And I had read my magazine from cover to cover. Sunday might be my new favorite day.


Jonathan said...

Did you have that fish officially measured and recorded? It's a WHOPPER!!!

Tonia Conger said...

I know, right? AND, I'm quite certain the bird was minimum 12". It was a big day, for sure.