April 05, 2007


I first saw the trailer for Planet Earth {Discovery Channel} about a month ago and froze in my chair, unblinking. I was mezmerized. This 11 part series narrated by Sigourney Weaver will have you scurrying around the desert sand with a sidewinder one moment and walking the crest of a dune with the bactrian camel the next. Mixing drama from one animal preying off another with the absultely edifying education about our amazing planet and all the animals that walk the dirt, swim the waters and fly the air; I love this show. Every episode!
After reading Ali's post about the series and some of the comments left there, I really believe this is a series to bridge the gap between man and woman TV viewing habits. Nate and I have been TiVoing the series from the beginning and both agree that the Great White Shark Hunt might have been one of the most intense things we 've seen on film.

Do you remember watching the nature movies in elementary school? This is NOT your grandfather's animal planet. This is the real deal and it took photographers and scientists sometimes years to capture one moment. You'll feel lucky!
You can buy the entire series for $80 here.


Kym said...

Another reason as to why we are best friends. I am completely riveted by this series.

MissEm said...

We've been watching this on our new giant HD tv. It is mind blowing!