April 18, 2007


Help us pick a restaurant!

Nate has been working so hard lately doing lots of speaking engagements and presentations in Texas and California. He's such a rockstar! His managers have been great to recognize Nate's hard work and extra efforts which makes it all worthwhile.
After Nate agreed to present at the Gelato ICE Conference yesterday, his manager told him that when he gets back he can take me to dinner at Salt Lake's finest restaurant {on the company, of course}. Now the real question is, where should we go? If you have any recommendations, please put in the comments section. We think we'll go the last weekend in April.


Dayna said...

Tonia, you look amazing in this photo! So so beautiful! Love you lots!--dayna y.

brandi said...

this is where I'd go for dinner... http://www.cucina-toscana.com/

Kristin said...

Best dinner I ever had in SLC was here: http://themetropolitan.com/

A-mazing. And expensive too :-)