April 18, 2007


I watched Richard Preston, author of The Wild Trees, on The Daily Show and then later listened to an interview on The Diane Rehm show (on Monday). Such an unusual and fascinating topic. I think a canopy trek would be so much fun, but obviously impossible to manage since it's some kind of secret society. I think I'll get this book because it sounds so interesting.
Nate isn't much of a recreational reader {he codes for recreation!} but maybe he'd read this one if I get if for his birthday.

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

The people may seem like a secret society, but the redwoods are not. I'd imagine that if most people explored off-trail for a day or two, they may find a titan that is undisclosed. Any tree written about by Preston, can be found eventually.

Some photos you may find of interest if you read The Wild Trees:

Hyperion Redwood and Biggest Redwood Trees

The book had no photos.

So anytime I find a redwood related blog, or review for The Wild Trees, this page is provided so readers may have a color visual and some extra related info.