May 31, 2007


A little over a year ago I overheard my youngest brother Andrew {then 21} ask another brother Ryan {then 24} who he would want as his partner if he were a crimefighter. After they had discussed the topic for a bit they both decided they'd choose each another for different and compelling reasons. But this question got me thinking. If I was a crimefighter looking for a partner, who would I choose and why?
Would I choose Jack Black because I'd always look better in spandex? Or John Travolta because he knows how to dance? Would I choose another woman? Maybe someone like Drew Barrymore so we could go undercover as two thirty-somethings just hanging out.

Who would you choose and why?

An episode of This American Life, called Superpower got me thinking about what kind of superpower I would want if they existed and I could have one. John Hodgman does a great segment in the episode where he interviews people about whether they'd like to fly or be invisible. I'd have to say, I think being invisible would come in more handy. Or would it? What powers would you wish to have?

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