May 31, 2007


This just in...Andrew and LaShel have decided to name their darling baby girl Adelia which happens to be a Thompson family name. LaShel discovered it in our geneology and I think it's darling.
One important question with any new Thompson baby is, "do they have the eyebrow?" The "eyebrow" is a family trait born from such a strong gene that all my siblings have it and have managed to pass it on to their children. Abby, Sophie and Olivia have it passed on by my sister. Hugo has it passed on by my brother. And Andrew says that although Adelia's eyebrows are still pretty dainty, it appears that she has it, too.
To describe the Thompson eyebrow: The edge nearest the nose tends to fan a bit. Most eyebrows will all grow in one direction so they look organized. The Thompson brow has a momentary freak out before it falls in line. It's typically occurs with the left eyebrow.

Thank goodness for tweezers and eyebrow trimmers and Anastasia! But it is a good way to determine if a new offspring is one of us! It appears that Adelia is, indeed, one of us.


MissEm said...

Hi Tonia! Can you give me some more information about your travels in Africa? Rob and I are considering it for our honeymoon but don't know where to start. You can email me at

The Conger's said...

I LOVE that name! What a precious babe!