May 16, 2007


Flipping through Lucky Mag {Katherine McPhee on the cover, bug!} I read about something that piqued my interest. AVA MD: Radical Departure. It's a two week regime that prices about the same as a facial {or two}. With work stress, new house stress and my mid-thirties revisit to puberty {that no one talks about}, my skin needs an overhaul!
Their website says this:
"RADICAL DEPARTURE is a complete, self-contained, four-product fourteen-day regimen that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and age spots, while enhancing tone and firmness, by exfoliating the surface of dulling, flaky and dead skin cells. The result? Sooner rather than later, you’ll be looking at great skin that’s all yours."

I want that: less fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced tone and firmness, obliterated breakouts. Should I splurge on the relaxing spa experience of having another human's hands massaging my face OR should I buy the regime and have spa night every night for two weeks?

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