May 16, 2007


About eight years ago I was staying at Chico Hot Springs Resort and Spa (just outside Yellowstone National Park in the Absaroka Mountain Range) for my friend's wedding; um, beautiful. Along with all the amazing organic scenery {you should go there if you can} I was smitten at once with this charming little girl crawling around on the floor wearing cheetah print leather booties. Mighty smitten or I wouldn't remember it today.
Now, years later, little leather booties are everywhere and in quite a selection of patterns. Dayna led me to Me in Mind out of Las Vegas. They have some edgy footwear for the rebellious baby; cute enough that you forget about the awkward website. I bought a pair, but I'm not saying for who...
Look at some of the cute options for boys and girls. And then schedule a weekend at Chico.

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