May 07, 2007


Anyone who knows me knows I dream big but I don't always live up to the potential. This is one of the big dreams I'd like to add to the year. Nate and I could do it if we trained really hard for the next four months...I think. The website says, "participants that leave Logan in the last pack (7:45am) must ride an average speed of at least 16.5 miles per hour to arrive in Teton Village before dark (approx. 12.5 hours in the saddle including stops)." I'm not looking to win; I'm looking to finish before dark. And that's if I do it at all. Just looking at this photo and thinking about 12 hours in the saddle gives me butterflies.


tim & brandi said...

I don't know if I'm going to make your day or burst your bubble, but registration is CLOSED. Apparently this year it filled up in 2 days! 6 hours in the saddle is the most one should ever suffer.


k8 said...

my brother did this last year and i'm pretty sure he was the last guy across the finish line. BUT had registration not closed so quickly he was all juiced to do it again. what a great goal!