May 30, 2007


This post title includes all three words my brother sent along with the phone pic of his first baby. "This is her."
She was born just after 5:30 this morning. Name: unknown. Congratulations to Andrew and LaShel and their healthy little fashionista {this girl already has a tackle box full of hair accessories}.
Birth weight: 7lbs 5oz
Birth lenght: 20"
Birth head shape: non cone


deidra said...

She's beautiful. Her and Hugo will make quite the cousin duo!

MissEm said...

Did they glue that bow to her head? That is too cute!

Tonia Conger said...

I seem to remember them telling me they were going to use Elmer's water soluble glue! I want a photo of brother squeezing a tube of glue on his baby girl's head.