June 04, 2007


I discovered two new blogs that I found inspiring and fun to read. Laura Gunn of Laura Gunn Studio is a painter/mother, and Heather Bailey of HELLOmynameisheather is a designer and mother. Both are very gifted artists. Sigh, I really wish I had more time to be creative. Have you ever thought that your actual real life is sucking the life out of you? I feel that way every morning when I'm faced with a new day at my 9-5.

{Calla Lily painting by Laur Gunn}


Sarah said...

Yes completely! It's a major reason why I started my blog, so I could be passionate about something again. I just wish I could do it fulltime! But it gives me something else to think about during the day and something to focus on so I like that.

CaraDee said...

Okay, that is so wierd!! I thought that the name Heather Bailey sounded familiar. She is the sister of my old boyfriend from 10 years ago. I think that even then, in her tiny apartment, she had a sewing room full of fabric. Those fabrics are wonderful! Makes me want to learn to sew. What a fun coincidence!