June 04, 2007


{Nate is gone 'til Thursday, so vexing}
I never thought it could happen: to be married and still have a single experience every now and then. By single, I mean eating cereal for dinner, going to movies with friends, having long romantic phone calls with my crush, languishing in the bath with a detox mask and cucumber slices over my eyes while listening to Neko Case, watching all the best BBC epics like Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters and stay in my pjs all day.

I don't yet have children but this kind of single-girl existence really isn't reality for me any longer. I used to spend Sunday afternoons painting my toe nails and watching the LifeTime Channel with my roommates {I really miss that}. Post marriage I'm more likely to be found on the back of Nate's motorcycle, exploring the Oquirrh mountains and driving down the peculiar historic Magna downtown. Saturday mornings used to go something like this: wake up, put on Juicy velours, wash face, put on BIG sun glasses, stop at Sonic for route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with extra lime, and head off to Nordstrom for a few hours of shopping {remember Stacey?}. On Saturday mornings these days, Nate would rather get up early spend a few hours at the lake fishing.

I'm not saying one is better then the other. There are things I miss about my single-girl life and there are things I adore about my married-girl life. The great thing about Nate traveling is that I get to celebrate and enjoy some of the single-girl behaviors I miss on a regular basis. And just about the time I'm sick and tired of Mr. Darcy, Nate will walk through the back door and exclaim, "Honey, I'm home", and suddenly I'm married again.

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tim & brandi said...

I'm glad you can see the bright side of all his traveling. I don't think I'd do so well myself, but then again it's probably because I only have one friend in this town.