June 05, 2007


Mosquitoes don't bother me. I went to Africa in 2003 and didn't use any mosquito repellent {malaria?} because they just don't touch me. I didn't get a single bite but I had several friends who looked like they had the mumps.
Well, it's mosquito season again here in Utah. Apparently repellents don't actually repel the pest, they cover what we have that attracts them {CO2 and lactic acid}. I found an interesting article about mosquito repellents and it says the most effective way to repel is with DEET. However, if you want to smell prettier you could consider using lavendar, cedar, pine, peppermint, basil, rosemary {just to name a few}. This more deliscious smells might work for an hour or two, but if you plan to be exposed for a longer period of time {three weeks in Africa?} then go for the deet. It stinks, but it works if they tend to like you.
Find out how to stop the itch immediately. My mom alwasy made an X indent with her thumb nail, right across the top of the bite and somehow it seemed to help. Do you have a secret cure?

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tim & brandi said...

I've heard that taking extra B vitamins can help deter mosquitos from biting you. (I STILL do the X on the bites, I think my mom started me on that as well.)