June 06, 2007


A few days ago I heard about the impending storm that blew into Utah lastnight. Because I still innocently believe weather people, "winds getting as strong as 50-75mph", I brought our two new rocking chairs in from the porch. I didn't want to risk waking up this morning and fishing them out of the lake.
Well, for once, I'm glad I heeded the warning. The wind BLEW. I woke up this morning to the neighbor's garbage cans blown into a heep in our alley. I couldn't believe the dip in temp this morning. I could see my breath!! In June!! I don't think it's been this unpredictable since the early 90's when it snowed on my sister's June 1 garden wedding reception!
Did I mention there's snow in the mountains?


Tiffany said...

I think I need to find an emergency Prozac injection. I can't believe this. :(

Tonia Conger said...

I'm trying to enjoy every bit of this day because I'll remember it fondly when it's 103 degrees and dry in the middle of August.

tim & brandi said...

About the rocking chairs... I can't believe you have the exact chairs my mom was trying to sell me on. Tim and I were supposed to go to Lowes in SLC while we were there to give it a "test drive" to see if it would work for the nursery (with some cushioning, of course), but we never made it there. How comfortable are they, and do they seem sturdy enough to hold MY weight, plus the baby's?


Tonia Conger said...

It would be a great nursery rocker. Very sturdy and extra wide so the arms won't get in the way when you are holding little Paisley.
You'd have plenty of room to shift around and get comfortable. And, um, they hold something like 250 lbs so one rocker would hold two of you and two Paisleys