June 28, 2007


Okay, there is a caviat to this post. After posting on Monday I went to my hotel room and fell ill. Very ill. I slept all the way through Tuesday and barely became conscious on Wednesday evening. Because of my ill-fated first few days in San Francisco, I missed, completely, my darling Abby's birthday on June 26.
Abby is my very first neice. She's perfection. She did her first triathlon at age 10, won in her age group at age 11 and I just can't wait to see what she does this year. She has a solid 4.0 at school and participates in a competitive jump rope team that is performing at Stadium of Fire this year.
This girl has it together. She's incredibly motivated and doesn't let a goal go unattained. She's very sweet and kind to everyone. Her mom and dad always tell me what a great daughter she is and I can say first hand what a fabulous neice she is, too. On top of all this, Abby is gorgeous! Drop dead, in fact.
Happy Birthday Abigail! I love you to the moon Darlin'!

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Sarah said...

Wow that is such a sweet thing to read! A lovely tribute!
Hope you are feeling better :)