July 25, 2007


Amie is one of those girls you can talk to about anything. And what usually results from a conversation with her is a hair-brained idea or a theory about human behaviors. She is such a creative, intuitive and curious person; according to Amie, everything that happens is significant in some way.
We were having one of these conversations this afternoon about how we both react to bad days and boredom in a similar fashion. If we get a speeding ticket, or if our presentation bombs, or if our favorite jeans are suddenly too tight, we figure we deserve to go shopping and get something new. We are entitled to a new handbag, pair of shoes, sweater, lip gloss, etc. because our office bully, in true form, bullied us. What results is a slew of impulse buys and OCD items {mine used to be feminine tops with flowers, ruffles or special detailing. Now it's anything to treat my adult acne}.
Does anyone else have this problem? Why do we feel like a new purse on our shoulder or new lip gloss will brighten things up? We both have a closet full of bad days to reconcile.

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Jessica said...

is this your closet? i think it's AdorabLe! wish i could dig through it to find something snappy and cute to wear every day.