July 25, 2007


Once upon a time on the Mediterranean sea I fell in love with the tranquil seaside lifestyle, the pebbly beaches, my husband, and afternoons spent in the warmth of the sun; free from work, files and deadlines. These photos are from our lovely ten days in France November 2006.
This week Travelzoo is offering what sounds like a cruise to heaven and back.
Here are the details: Seven {7!} nights on the intimate Marco Polo cruise ship. The Marco Polo departs Barcelona on Oct. 10 and sails one-way to Athens with stops in France, Italy and Greece. Or, you can depart Venice on Oct. 31 {$250 per person more}. Sail one-way to Civitavecchia (near Rome) with stops in Croatia, Italy and Greece. I'm more interested in the second option since I've been to France twice but never Croatia.
I've always been slightly shy of cruises because they sound like 10 lbs just waiting to be gained. I mean, who doesn't want to eat themselves drunk with fresh shrimp and buttery lobster tail? Who? But, I'd be willing to face my fear of the cruise ship and the unlikely repeat of titanic if I could only find myself on the Marco Polo - bound, ultimately, for Greece. Somewhere out there, my destiny is waiting to take me to there.

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CaraDee said...

I was on a cruise to all the Greek Isles & Egypt & Turkey. I was afraid of the weight gain. I ate everything I wanted. Crazy amounts of food. I didn't gain any weight because of all the WALKING on the excursions. We walked and walked. I broke even. Go to Istanbul. It is divine.