July 20, 2007


Who else's husband would secretly bake cupcakes, buy flowers and a very thoughtful gift and display it this way on the kitchen island to greet you in the morning? MINE!

Yesterday was a great day. I didn't work which may have been the best decision of the year. I tried to sleep in but couldn't and departed on a bike ride around 9am. It was so fun to be out and moving rather then stuck in traffic and cursing at other drivers.
Once I got home I took a cold shower, got dressed and drove to Provo for my appointment with Destiny. Literally, I had an appointment with my hair stylist and her name happens to be Destiny. She transformed me from a bitter 40 year old to a bouncing, nearly unrecognizable 36 year old that didn't look a day over 30! I walked out of that salon 2.5 hours later looking and feeling fabulous.
I stopped at my favorite boutique in Provo and drove home for a great lunch of fruit {apple, nectarine} and yogurt. Oh, and I had a few handfuls of Cool Ranch Doritos, too.
At home I treated all my flowers to a healthy dose of cold drink and miracle gro bloom booster. I'm telling you, it really works and you'll see a difference in your flowers in less then a week. It was so hot outside that I couldn't help running the cold water from the hose on my feet for an occasional cool-down. 102 degrees is just too hot.
I watched Oprah and painted my toenails RED.
Nate came home from work and we hung out for a little while before going to the Gallivan Center for Yo La Tengo. It seems that about 10,000 other people wanted to hear them, too. So it was crowded. We came to realize that a concert in the park can feel like listening to a CD in the park if you can't see the band. And listening to a CD in the park without comfortable seats and a cool breeze is nonsensical. Nate and I left about 9:10pm and planned to go straight home. But instead we {I} was lured to the Broadway Theater and as luck would have it, Once was playing at 9:20pm. It was a perfect way to end the day. The music was so pretty and the story wasn't, well, totally predictable. I really recommend it a long with Ali!

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