August 23, 2007


If I were spending my anniversary in Greece {I'm not, but if I was} I'd want to go to dinner at a beautiful restaurant, sit on the patio overlooking the ocean, and wear this dress.

With these shoes

Both from Jcrew.


Therese said...


i adore j.crew, too. it IS perfect all the time, anytime. i first became acquainted with it during my sophomore year of high school, and i've never looked back.

your post is very timely. i just ordered a bunch of stuff and have been lamenting the fact that b/c i live in australia, i can't receive the catalogue, nor can i receive shipments. (j.crew only ships and sends catalogues to canada, the US and japan. japan! why not australia if japan?) thank goodness for my mom in logan, who sends it along to me.

what are your thoughts on the bella jacket? i'm very fond of it in pink.

a bit of background: i'm here by way of janelle, my sister, who is good friends with dayna. she loves your blog and recommended i add it to my stable. i'm also a friend of nate from high school. i read about your time at USU in the english program (i graduated in '96 with a degree in english lit), and i keep thinking, why don't i know tonia? i also lived in manhattan during the summer of '95... were you there in '95? anyway, i'd like to try to figure out if we do know each other from USU and continue to talk j.crew with a fellow devotee.

Tonia Conger said...

Therese, so glad you made a comment. When I mentioned your name to Nate he said, "she took me on my first date when I turned 16." So cute!

amber said...

These shoes are insane! I'd wear them with jeans and a cashmere cardigan for a night out, so glamorous.

Anonymous said...

too funny! I looked up "green dress" because I am looking for bridesmaids dresses for my wedding in Greece ;) You have to is amazing!

Sueli Schmitt said...

Hi, i loved your green dress and I`ll use this pict in my blog. Thanks