August 23, 2007


{This photo is one I took at Oquirrh Lake}
That's right. I'm finally free from the office bullies and mental games. I got a great offer from an ad agency downtown and a few other options on the horizon. I walked out of the office today, for the last time, with an extra spring in my step. {Amie, there are a few of those 1oo calorie shakes left on the bookcase and they're all yours!}

Things I'm planning to do the next two weeks:

1. Have a wonderful 2nd anniversary
2. Go to the morning spin and yoga classes at our gym
3. Find a good painting class
4. Take a book binding class
5. Research cameras and look into a photography class
6. Read good books
7. Try a few new recipes for dinner
8. Meet my friends for lunch
9. Write my next magazine article
10. Try and blot the last year and a half from my mind

Sadly, I won't get my daily dose of Amie and have all those great conversations with her. But now we can just focus on being friends and scrap the whole co-worker thing.


Julie said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new job...and escaping your "hell"! Your 2 weeks sound like a blast...but an awful lot to do in only 2 weeks! Good luck!

jordan said...

Ooh fun! Congratulations.

Kristin said...

I'm so sad that we won't be able to wander to Starbucks or chat away about interesting books and music...during office hours anyway :-)

You'd better keep in touch! I'll see you next week.

Dayna said...

Yay, Tonia! I am so happy for you. All the best in your upcoming adventures.

Amie said...

i will miss seeing you every day. But i would rather see you once a week knowing you're this happy, than any ole miserable day at the office.

good luck at the new job and thanks for the shakes!

tiffany said...

Congratulations! I quit my unhappy job about a year ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Many good days are ahead for you, I'm sure!