August 21, 2007


Okay, I've posed this question probably too often on my blog, but I still need help and input from those of you who have a great eye for design.
Nate and I have decided to focus on finishing one room at a time in the new house. And our attention is now on the great room. I stewed over furniture layout for months but with the help of this genius tool from HGTV, I finally cracked the code. Finally we know what we're going to do and have a plan and a list of things to get {rug, two club chairs, one leather chaise lounge, wooden coffee start}.
We found a super cool old world leather chaise from Horchow that I think will look great on an angle in front of the fireplace and it satiates Nate's taste for leather furniture {if he had it his way EVERYTHING would be leather in our house. Probably even our bedding}. It will add some controversy with the modern lines of the infamous couch.

For smaller chairs I'm thinking something like this or this. But the real conundrum is the rug. Nothing too modern because if we are spending a lot we want to use it for ages. And nothing too light because it's a high traffic area and we don't want to have traffic marks after a week. What about this, this, this or this?
Does anyone have opinions, feedback, constructive criticism?


Emily said...

the last one is my favorite.

tiffany said...

I like the third rug. The texture is cool, and I love all the colors it incorporates. I have never regretted incorporating more color.

P.S. What is it with guys and leather furniture? I've had similar compromises to reach.

CaraDee said...

Love the Lola rug! The green restoration hardware one was blah compared to it.

The Conger's said...

Lola's my vote too. It looks warm and fun- maybe even festive! The third one has great colors, but I'm not sure how it would go with the blue walls. I think the Lola would look great with your walls/ decor.